Legend Kitchen was founded in year 1994 at Bandar Sungai Long.

We started our career by setting up an office and show room with very minimum of capital. There are plenty of works we had to be dictatorial. In addition, supplier and skillful workers were costly and it caused the production cost highly increased. Thus, we decided to do the business with lower profit to avoid customers purchasing our products with unreasonable price.

The economy crisis in year 1997 challenged us and we made some adjustment in our capital and business direction. With the support of customers, we decided to move forward to set up our own factory and increase the number of machine to transform 100% manpower manufacturing to 70% machine manufacturing method.

In year 2005, we introduced a new payment method which was customer will make full payment once they made their order. As a rebate, we will provide good discount for the customer. The new payment method is quite welcomed by customers. With the assurance of customers and suppliers, we became more proactive to deliver good quality products and install punctually.

Second economy down turn happened in year 2008. We believe this time we are better prepared and we faced this challenge positively. Meantime, we took up another responsibility to help and assure customers of our good quality, service, and reasonable pricing. Therefore, we invest massively in designing and production systemization which is standard procurement and mass production.

In the future, we will launch our service of online purchasing in order to reduce cost from the process of purchasing to installing products. This will certainly lighten up customers’ burden.

Lastly, we will promise to do our best to uphold the best quality and trendy design of our product to satisfied customer and we hope that Legend Kitchen is not only a legend but also the one who is able to manufacture good quality products with reasonable price.


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